Solely Endorsed by the Democratic Party

Fearlessly fighting
for Oakland

Janani Ramachandran is a public interest attorney, activist, and artist who has devoted her life to empowering communities who have been failed by our existing systems.

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The Race for Oakland City Council

Now more than ever, as Oaklanders are experiencing crises upon crises, we need bold solutions and leaders with the courage to fight them.

Janani’s fearlessness in fighting for Oakland starts with seven key policy principles:

Join Fearless Janani in the Fight for Justice

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Meet Janani

Janani Ramachandran is a public interest attorney who has dedicated her life to empowering communities and fighting for responsive, accountable governments.

Born and raised in the East Bay, Janani is the daughter of immigrants from a small South Indian village. She is forever indebted to both her family’s tireless work ethic, as well as the economic opportunities that their public sector unions provided them, which gave Janani the opportunities to pursue her dreams. She identifies as LGBTQ. Janani’s passion for justice was born at an early age. At 16, Janani founded a nonprofit that built libraries in under-resourced schools in her local community. She attended Stanford University, where she studied political theory, systems of democratic governance, and economic development. Later, Janani worked as a home-visiting case manager at a community health clinic, serving pregnant mothers experiencing domestic violence and housing insecurity. Witnessing the injustices her clients faced at the hands of our inequitable legal system, she was driven to make a difference as a lawyer and attended Berkeley Law. 


Janani previously served as a Commissioner at the City of Oakland Public Ethics Commission, and currently serves on the California Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs. She most recently worked at Centro Legal de la Raza, representing immigrant workers in wage theft and discrimination cases in Oakland. Janani previously worked as an attorney at Family Violence Appellate Project, another Oakland-based nonprofit, pursuing legal appeals and advocacy efforts to improve access to justice for all survivors of abuse. She has also served on the board of two violence prevention nonprofits in Oakland. Janani is an Associate Member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee and a member of the Oakland Rotary Club.

In her 2021 run for State Assembly, Ramachandran, then a first-time candidate, shocked political experts by advancing to the special election runoff in August, coming out on top amongst a field of previously elected officials. She gained notable endorsements including the East Bay Times, Indivisible East Bay, five local Democratic clubs, labor unions, environmental justice groups, and a host of prominent local elected officials, ending the race with over 33,000 votes. The movement that she built to disrupt business-as-usual politics – with over 1,000 volunteers and over 1,000 small-dollar donors – began to shift the political narrative. 

Janani knows that this movement will continue to grow and flourish. She is more energized than ever to focus on bringing much-needed change for Oakland. Janani is eager to represent Oakland’s District 4, and usher in a wave of accountability, transparency, and anti-corruption for her city. 
                                                                 Join our movement today.
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